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What is Head Injury?

Head injury is damage to the Brain as a result of:

• A blow to the head resulting from a fall, a traffic accident, an accident at work, or a sports injury.
• Damage to Brain tissue following a stroke, Brain surgery, or Brain tumour.
• A viral infection.
• Lack of oxygen to the Brain during a heart attack.

A head injury can also be referred to as an Acquired Brain Injury (ABI)

Any of the following behavioural changes may be expected after a head injury:

• Agitation • Uncontrolled temper
• Emotional lability • Depression
• Being irritable • Self-centredness
• Lack of insight/denial of defects • Lack of motivation
• Verbal outbursts • Impulsive behaviour
• Paranoia • Changes in sexual interest

Welcome to the Galway Head Injury Support.

If you are a relative of a person with a head injury you have taken the first step in obtaining some of the help and support you require. The next step is to phone our help line, on 085 725 5608, where Izabela or Kathryn would be delighted to talk to you and offer their support.

Galway Head Injury Support provides support, information, and counselling for families of people with Brain Injury. We also provide LoCall telephone counselling on 1890 32 31 30 (Mondays and Wednesdays 6:00 – 7:30 pm). We continue to highlight the special needs of families where there is a Brain Injury, and  raise awareness of head injury within the community and among health care professionals.

We have helped many families recover and deal with the shock of head injuries and will continue to do so in the future. We understand that this is a big emotional step and that is why we believe that people should not be let alone to deal with it by themselves, as there are always people willing to help wherever possible.

Do not hesitate to take action now! We are solely here to help people in your situation.

Call us now on: 

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