It is important to remember at this point that you are not alone. Help is available. We at Galway Head Injury Support are ready and willing to offer you this support/help.


  • Make contact with the social worker/Discharge Planner at the hospital and liase around the discharge plan. Ideally, this should be done well in advance of your discharge date.
  • Ensure your GP has received a discharge letter outlining the condition and maintenance required. What to look out for? Wound care / possible complications etc.
  • Give your GP a call and inform him/her re. situation and expected discharge date.
  • Make contact with the Community Care Services i.e. Public Health Nurse, Physiotherapist, Psychologist, Occupational Therapist, Speech Therapist, Dietician and Optometrist (sight problems are common after ABI). Make an appointment to discuss your situation and proposed programme plan/rehabilitation.
  • Contact your Pharmacist to ensure they stock required medication & dietary foods.
  • Look out for any changes in symptoms and report to doctor/hospital immediately.
  • Contact your area Community Welfare Officer and discuss medical card, necessities, entitlements, aids and appliances.
  • Contact Social Welfare Office to find out what benefits you are entitled to.
  • Contact Galway Head Injury Support.